Concrete Mix Types Offered At Best Concrete Mix Corp.

Man in Orange Gloves Smoothing Out ConcreteIn the highly competitive and ever-growing construction industry, there’s a tremendous need for superior concrete products. Best Concrete Mix Corp. supplies only the highest-quality, best-performing concrete mixes to fit a variety of applications. With two manufacturing facilities in Flushing, New York, we can provide more product in less time to get any job, large or small, completed quickly and efficiently. From concrete buildings to paved parking lots, we have the right type of ready-mix concrete for any project.

Concrete Types

  • Self-Consolidating Concrete, also known as self-leveling or self-compacting concrete, is an extremely fluid mix that flows freely around corners and fills formwork, then flattens to a level surface on its own. This greatly reduces construction time by eliminating hand leveling and the need for mechanical vibration. Because it easily transitions to inaccessible areas, it minimizes voids and produces a homogeneous, uniform surface.
  • Pervious Concrete, also known as porous or permeable concrete, allows water from runoff or other sources to pass directly through it for reduced water retention aboveground and more water collection to aquifers belowground. Plain pervious paving can be enhanced with color, stamping, jointing and grinding treatments.
  • Gunnite Concrete, also known as shotcrete, is typically pneumatically sprayed onto surfaces. Its low aggregate content offers a smoother surface and makes an ideal choice for finishing swimming pools.
  • High-strength Concrete is an ideal choice for structural applications that require small amounts of concrete and/or placement in depths of two inches or greater. It’s typically chosen for curbs, ramps, foundations and fence posts.
  • Flexural Strength Concrete is highly resistant to flexural stress or bending force when a load is applied to cement beam supported by two separate beams.
  • High Early Concrete hydrates faster and sets sooner, which can be a major benefit, but can also increase shrinkage and cracking. It’s only recommended for experienced construction technicians.
  • Lightweight Concrete has a lower density by utilizing a variety of lightweight materials in the mix, such as pumice, volcanic rock, expanded clay or shale, vermiculite and/or perlite. It has an extremely low thermal conductivity and is often used for thermal insulation, protecting steel structures and long-span bridge decks.
  • Architectural Concrete is a decorative concrete that serves a structural function while also providing an appealing aesthetic finish to buildings.
  • Mass Concrete is normally used in dams, bridge foundations, bridge piers, tunnel linings and thick walls.
  • Expanded Polystyrene Concrete is a high-grade, lightweight option. It’s a composite of cement and expanded polystyrene and is a popular choice for environmentally conscious home building.

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