Your Trusted Ready Mix Concrete Supplier in Flushing, NY

Best Concrete Mix Corp is a leading supplier in New York since 1992. We are approved by the New York City School Construction Authority, the National Ready Mix Concrete Association, are among the few concrete suppliers who are legally accredited by the New York State Department of Transportation. One of the main attributes that give us an edge in the market is that we maintain a high level of professionalism and diligence.

Excellent Customer Support

We have put in place a customer care team that is always ready and available throughout the day to respond to clients’ queries. Our team works hand-in-hand with the technical department. Therefore, you can be sure that the response you get is accurate. Be sure to also check out our recent projects on our website to get a clear perspective of what we can do.

Can Handle All Types of Projects

To meet our diverse clientele needs, we have invested in two large plants that are fitted with modern equipment and systems. They help us produce large amounts of concrete thereby ensuring that our clients’ construction projects do not stall. Over the years, we have supplied concrete for bridges, buildings, subways, tunnels, roads, and school construction sites.

Supply Different Types of Quality Concrete

We have mastered the art of producing different types of quality concrete such as the Self-consolidating concrete, Flexural strength concrete, Pervious concrete, Tri-blend mixes, and Gunite to name a few. Other types of products that we supply are Flexural strength concrete that is ideal for constructing airport runways as it gives more flexibility and strength. Tri-blend mixes are made from different types of cement, and Gunite is used to construct pools, and is sprayed on walls to make subway tunnels.

We will work smart and hard to ensure we surpass your expectations. Call us today for more details about our products and pricing. We look forward to being at your service.