High Early Concrete Contractors In Flushing, NY

Concrete Being Poured and Spread for SidewalkHigh early strength concrete is a special purpose concrete designed especially for applications that require an increased early strength development. While it can take the place of standard concrete in all applications, this type of concrete is typically only used in specific situations, such as when roadways need to be reopened quickly or a structure needs to be put into service as soon as possible. Our knowledgeable concrete contractors at Best Concrete Mix Corp. in Flushing, New York, can help you determine whether your project warrants high early concrete.

High Early Concrete Composition

High early concrete mixtures are designed to hydrate quicker for fast setting, which speeds up your construction project. However, the same composition that provides quick-set benefits also causes increased shrinkage and could lead to more cracking. We advise only experienced construction professionals to use high early concrete.

Benefits Of High Early Concrete

High early ready-mix concrete is ideal for rapid construction, especially in cold weather conditions when standard concrete sets very slowly. When you use high early concrete for required pavement repairs on busy highways, everyone benefits greatly from reduced road closure time. Other benefits include:

  • Greater flexibility in construction schedules
  • Lower concrete consumption when using thinner elements
  • Improved site capacity by increasing rotation of formwork
  • Quicker removal of formwork
  • Minimal amount of grinding required for smoothness
  • Minimized closure time for roads or structures
  • Ability to use in extreme winter conditions
  • Improved service life of roads or structures
  • Supports its own weight in two to three hours
  • Foot traffic approximately six hours after placement
  • Light vehicle traffic approximately 24 hours after placement
  • Heavy weight traffic as soon as it achieves acceptable structural levels

High Early Concrete Applications

Application of high early concrete is most suitable for civil engineering or other projects that require a quick turnaround time. Common applications include:

  • Rapid concrete pavement repairs
  • Pavement replacement
  • New pavement
  • Airport pavement
  • Heavy equipment foundations and footings
  • Bridge decks
  • Concrete overlays
  • New construction of walls, columns, beams or floors
  • On-site precast operations

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