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Concrete being poured at construction siteConcrete is one of the most widely used construction materials around the world, but there are numerous types of concrete. Each type of concrete is classified as standard or high strength based on its compressive strength. However, high-strength concrete shouldn’t be confused with high-performance concrete, because strength and performance are two completely different properties. High-strength concrete is defined strictly based on its compressive strength. Our knowledgeable concrete contractors at Best Concrete Mix Corp. in Flushing, New York, can help you weigh your structural needs to determine whether your project calls for high-strength concrete. We’ve been helping our diverse clientele choose the right concrete mixtures for specific building needs since 1992.

High-Strength Concrete Composition

Compared to standard-strength concrete, high-strength concrete can resist a greater amount of force without breaking. Any concrete with a strength greater than 40MPa is classified as high strength. This increased strength is achieved by decreasing the water/cement ratio and adding silica fume to strengthen the bond between the cement and the aggregate. High-strength concrete mix is often sticky and may be difficult to handle or place. It also hydrates quicker to set sooner and should only be used by experienced contractors.

Benefits And Applications

High-strength concrete doesn’t bleed and has lower permeability and higher resistance to chloride attack, which makes it suitable for structures with high exposure to seawater or deicers. However, the main objective when using high-strength concrete is to create durable components that resist high compressive loads. These qualities often make high-strength concrete the concrete mixture of choice for building high-rise structures. High-strength concrete is often used in columns on lower floors where the load is greatest or in foundations or load-bearing walls.

High-strength concrete is also occasionally used in the construction of bridges, because it permits prestressed or reinforced concrete girders to span greater lengths. This may decrease the number of girders required, making the project more economical. It’s also an ideal option for curbs, ramps and parking decks.

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