Self-Consolidating Concrete in Flushing, NY

Contractor spreading freshly poured concretePouring concrete floors with traditional concrete mixes can be a challenge. Ensuring a smooth surface requires extensive trowel work which, for unpracticed hands, is difficult to get just right. Self-leveling concrete, also known as self-consolidating concrete, flattens out to a level surface on its own, reducing the need for technical proficiency with hand leveling.

What is Self-Consolidating Concrete?

Self-consolidating concrete, also known as self-compacting concrete (SCC), is a highly flowable, non-segregating concrete that spreads into place, fills formwork, and encapsulates even the most congested reinforcement, all without any mechanical vibration.

How is Self-Consolidating Concrete Used?

SCC is an increasingly attractive choice for optimizing site manpower (through reduction of labor and possibly skill level), lowering noise levels, and allowing for a safer working environment. SCC allows easier pumping (even from bottom up), flows into complex shapes, transitions through inaccessible spots, and minimizes voids around embedded items to produce a high degree of homogeneity and uniformity. That’s why SCC allows for denser reinforcement, optimized concrete sections and shapes, and greater freedom of design while producing superior surface finishes and textures.

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