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Signs There Is A Problem With Your Concrete Foundation

Concrete foundations are the standard in modern construction because your home or business depends on your foundation’s strength. It supports everything from the ground up, so when it’s damaged, it can cause serious structural issues.

Concrete foundations are affected by the soil beneath and its surroundings. Expanding and contracting soil, inadequate drainage, and excessive moisture are just some of the factors that may threaten the strength of your foundation. It’s important to remain vigilant of any signs that there may be problems with your concrete foundation and quickly address them.

Possible Signs Of Concrete Foundation Issues

Poor soil compaction, climate, insufficient drainage, and plumbing leaks can damage your concrete foundation. You may even face issues involving the strength of the concrete itself if the contractor doesn’t use quality materials. Recognizing the potential signs of foundation problems early helps you correct or even prevent issues that could have disastrous effects. On the outside of the structure, look for:

  • A broken and/or cracked foundation
  • Cracked bricks
  • Displaced moldings
  • Noticeable separation around doors, windows, and walls
  • Wall rotation

On the inside of your home or business, warning signs might include:

  • Cracked or uneven floors
  • Cracked drywall
  • Misaligned doors and windows

While some foundation problems have easy fixes, others may require significant repairs. Depending on how and when the foundation was poured, there may be immediate issues that could require replacing the entire foundation.

Immediate Concrete Slab Issues

If you’re pouring a new concrete foundation in the winter, the cold climate could spell trouble before you even begin building your home or business. In frigid temperatures, concrete may freeze, causing a dusty, sandy grit to shed off the top of it, and, in worst-case scenarios, it can reduce the strength of the concrete.

If you’re concerned your newly poured concrete might have strength or stability issues, have it tested by a concrete laboratory. To avoid this issue in the future, only hire a reputable concrete contractor to ensure you’re not getting subpar concrete and understands the risks of pouring concrete when it’s cold.

Sinking Or Settling Foundation

While settling is a natural process you see in all homes, it can lead to foundation issues. This problem is usually seen in older homes, but new foundations can also start to sink under certain circumstances. Indications of a sinking foundation are subtle, especially in new construction. Watch for jammed or sticking windows and doors or cracks in the drywall. As the problem worsens, you may notice cracks in the exterior stone and brickwork or separation between chimneys or additions.

Settling can cause entire sections of the home supported by the concrete foundation to drop by several inches, causing damage throughout the building and compromising its structural integrity. No matter which technique you choose, fixing a sinking foundation is a tremendous, complicated job. If you suspect settling, call a foundation professional for an immediate inspection to learn whether your foundation needs extra supports to prevent it from sinking further.

Concrete Foundation Cracks

Cracks in your concrete foundation don’t always indicate a broader problem, especially in older homes. Cracks in older structures are most often caused by settling, and as long as the settling it isn’t severe, fixing these cracks is purely cosmetic. However, in a relatively new structure, a cracked foundation shouldn’t be ignored.

If you have noticeable foundation cracks, schedule a foundation specialist to examine it immediately. An unstable base won’t get better over time. The sooner you learn there’s a problem and get it fixed, the less damage there is and the less it costs to fix it. If the problem is left unchecked, it could end up costing you a bundle.

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